How to have a quicker and more efficient ISO tank / FLEXI tank movement?

It might be interesting for you to know how the process of transporting dangerous chemicals now. Due to technological advances in today’s world, special methods are used to transport all kinds of chemicals, and each of these methods has its unique characteristics. One of the cheapest and safest ways to transport these chemicals is to use different types of ISO tanks. ISO tank, also known as Flexi tank in some cases, is a practical product that can help traders to transport their chemical products at very low cost and with high safety.

ISO tanks are usually used to transport liquid materials and, in some cases, gaseous materials. Different types of these tanks have been marketed with unique features and have great physical and chemical strength. This issue has made these products suitable for transferring different types of chemicals with any destructive power. In this context, we intend to talk about ISO tanks, their features, and how to use them. So, to get more information, we suggest you follow us to the end of this content.

quicker and more efficient iso tank

How to have a quicker and more efficient iso tank / flexi tank movement?


What is an ISO tank?


Before we tell you how you can get different types of ISO tanks, it’s good to talk a little about the unique features of this product. A Flexi tank is a kind of strong steel container that is used to transport liquids and gasses in high volumes. Different types of these products have a 20-foot container frame inside which a bulky tanker is placed, which is used to transport liquids and gasses. Different types of ISO tanks are physically very strong both physically and chemically. Flexi tanks are usually produced in several different types, and each type of these tankers is suitable for carrying certain products. For example, some Flexi tanks can be used to transport alcohol, and others are suitable for transporting fatty acids. In any case, you should go for the best and most resistant option according to the cargo that you intend to transfer so that you can carry forward the process of transporting your desired chemicals more easily.

Iso tank

What is an ISO tank?


Introduction of different types of ISO tank


We told you earlier that currently, different types of ISO tanks are available in the market. All chemicals do not have the same properties. Some of them are weak and neutral products that can even be moved by ordinary tankers in some cases. But for greater security, using Flexi tankers is a wiser option. Other chemicals are very powerful products and transporting them with normal tankers can cause a lot of problems. For example, acids are very corrosive substances that can not only damage the tanker’s body but also pollute the environment in case of leakage. Let us name some popular and different types of Flexi tanks for you so that you can be wiser when choosing different types of these products.


Flexi tank T1: T1 is known as one of the simplest types of tankers, which is usually used to transport light liquids.


Flexi tank T4: This type of ISO tank is usually used to transport oils that are not very dangerous and toxic.



Flexi tank T11: This type of Flexi tank is one of those products that are used to carry non-hazardous chemicals.



Flexi tank T14: This product is usually used to transport dangerous chemicals and corrosive products.


Flexi tank T50: This type of tank is also a suitable option for carrying different types of fuel.



As you can see, you should go for the best non-ISO tanks according to the type of chemical you are transferring so that you can reach your goal more easily.




Which chemicals can be transferred with these tanks?


By using different types of ISO tanks, different types of chemicals can be transported. Note that three main reasons have made these types of tankers so popular and widely used, these three reasons include maintaining the purity of the product in the tank, preventing waste of money, and preventing damage to the environment. However, when chemical products are transported in a closed space, their physical and chemical properties remain intact. This makes it easier to continue using them. Let’s explore these together.


  • Different types of oils including vegetable and chemical oils
  • Fruit concentrates
  • Sweeteners
  • Lubricants
  • Types of acids
  • Paraffin
  • Sorbitol
  • Chlorine hydroxide
  • Malt extract
  • Glycerin
  • ..

quicker and more efficient iso tank

Which chemicals can be transferred with these tanks?


How are these tankers transported?


In addition to using the most suitable types of tankers, choosing the correct and principled way of transporting these chemicals is very vital. ISO tanks are complete tanker molds that can be placed on trailers or reach the desired destination in sea transportation. As a rule, it is a better choice to use different types of trailers to move between land routes. But if you want to do international business and if you have a good sea route option, it is probably a better choice to use sea transportation. In this situation, you can transport a large amount of your desired chemical substance in ISO tanks with lower costs and enjoy your business.




How can we find different types of ISO tanks?


After talking about the features of these amazing products and the types of ISO tanks, now it is better to talk about how to get different types of these products. Due to the popularity of Flexi tanks, you can easily get different types of them with any volume you want. In general, you have two ways to use these tankers.





One of the easiest methods that can help you move forward with the lowest cost of transporting your chemicals is to rent different types of ISO tanks. Many service providers around the world rent out different types of empty tanks to customers. If you plan to transport your desired chemicals through seaports, you can find the iso tanks you want as soon as possible and use them. Renting Flexi tanks will help you save a lot on your expenses. In addition, each use of the ISO tanks, they are completely disinfected to prepare for the next chemical transfer, and there will be no need for you to worry about it.





Another method that can help you to get the cargo you need as soon as possible is to buy them. Besides renting these products, many service providers are looking to sell their tankers. In this situation, you can use these services to buy and use the products you need easily and as quickly as possible. Of course, if you intend to move chemicals continuously, buying different types of tankers will be a more economical and wiser option for you.

Iso tank

How can we find different types of ISO tanks?



Do you want help finding the ISO tank you want? Stay with us


It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy an ISO tank or you want to rent these products, you will need help to find active service providers in this field. The platform we have designed will help you to exchange information between buyers and sellers more easily. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to sell your ISO tanks or give them to rent. Or, on the other hand, you are known as a buyer and want to rent or buy ISO tanks to move your chemical products. In this situation, you can use our platform to benefit from the desired services. We have prepared a space for you where you can connect as buyers or sellers and take advantage of the services provided to you in this field. In this situation, you can achieve your goal in the fastest possible time and with the most affordable costs. For more information, you can contact our support staff.





In this context, we have tried to talk about Flexi tanks and the features of these products for you. You all know how necessary and practical these products are. This point has caused many service providers to look for buying, selling, and renting Flexi ranks. It is you who should try to act with intelligence and accuracy and go to the best service providers who provide you with the highest quality products. In this situation, you can safely take advantage of the services provided and completely satisfy your need for different types of these tanks.

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