What is chemical tank container (ISO tank)?

Chemical tank containers, ISO tanks, or FLEXI tanks are among those containers that have improved the transportation process of chemical liquids. Some of the existing chemicals have unique characteristics and due to these unique characteristics, they cannot be transported with simple and ordinary containers and trivial packaging. These chemicals may be highly corrosive or volatile. In addition, some of these products may be very harmful to nature and human health. For this reason, special containers should be used to transport them, which have acceptable and good resistance.

A chemical tank container is one of those products that has good resistance and can be used for transferring any type of chemical with any characteristics. These products are usually used for transporting liquids and in some special cases for transporting gasses. There are different ways to carry these products. In the following content, we will talk to you about the features of ISO tanks and their usage. If you are also curious to know about amazing products, stay with us until the end of this content.

chemical tank container


Why is it necessary to use different types of chemical tank containers?

It was in the 1970s that many governments and traders realized that they could not use the usual methods to transport some chemical liquids. This had led them to make different special tanks with unique features. It was exactly from that time onwards that the process of producing ISO tanks or in other words FLEXI tanks started. Products that are currently being produced are very different from their prototypes. But their main function has remained unchanged. As a rule, with the progress of science and technology, different chemicals are currently produced, each of which has unique characteristics. This issue has made different types of chemical containers with unique features to be marketed. Each of these products is used to transport chemicals with unique characteristics.



Examining the benefits of using chemical tank container

The advantages of using chemical tank containers include the following.

  • ISO tanks have more capacity to move liquids than different types of tanks such as containers.
  • These products are very durable and there is no possibility of leaking or tearing in them. This greatly reduces the chance of wasted material being transported and avoids any damage.
  • Different types of ISO tanks can be used for many years and sold many times due to good resistance.
  • The cost of transporting various chemicals using ISO tanks is very low because the process of loading and transferring them is carried out at a much higher speed and security.
  • Due to the wide use of these products, you can buy different types of second-hand tanks.
  • Different types of ISO tanks are marketed with unique features. For example, to transport any type of special chemical, an ISO tank with unique features is used to fully keep these chemicals safe.
  • The use of an ISO tank keeps the purity of the material and prevents its contamination to a great extent.

How can we buy different types of ISO tanks?

As we told you before, the chemical tank container is currently known as one of the most widely used products. Many service providers buy and sell these products so that they can fully satisfy their customers. It doesn’t matter which country you are in and with what shipping method you want to use ISO tank, surely with a little search you can easily find a reliable service provider in this field without any problems. ISO tanks are usually used for sea transportation and truck transportation.

Sea shipping can be a good choice for moving chemicals due to its affordable price and the possibility of transporting a large volume of products. For this reason, all over the world, you can easily and quickly get the ISO tank you need and use it. In addition, if you intend to sell your tanks, you can sell them again by visiting the nearest port where you live. Because using ISO tanks will help to reduce transportation costs, many merchants and service providers are looking for these products.


What factors should we pay attention to when buying different types of ISO tanks?

Many different factors can help you be more successful when purchasing different types of chemical tank containers. Let’s explore these together.

  • Search for the best type of ISO tank, according to the type of product you are going to transfer.
  • Going to the best service providers to buy different types of ISO tanks
  • Choosing the best method for transferring ISO tanks
  • Examining ISO tank transport regulations

Paying attention to each of these points will help you not to face any problems when buying and using ISO tanks.


Examining ISO tank transport regulations

After talking about the unique features of the chemical tank container, let’s talk about the transportation regulations of these tanks. However, these tankers are used to transport certain chemicals. For this reason, the process of working with them is relatively specialized. Usually, to use different types of ISO tanks, before each loading, the ISO tank must be 100% and completely checked so that their performance can be fully controlled. There are many service providers and companies that can help you with this. If there are any problems with the ISO tanks, you should repair them or use new products in this field. However, it is necessary to be careful and pay attention to the transportation regulations for using ISO Tank. You have to act according to various regulations and laws in the country you want to make a deal with; based on the type of product you want to transfer.



In general, the necessity of using different types of chemical tank containers is not hidden from anyone. If you are active in the field of transporting chemicals, you surely know how practical these tanks are. We tried to tell you about the features of different types of ISO tanks as well as their transportation rules and regulations. We also told you how and through which ways you can get these products and use them. Try to go to the best and most reliable service providers for trading chemical tank containers.

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