Vopak and Tianjin repurpose infrastructure for new energies

Vopak and Tianjin signed an agreement to support the repurposing of infrastructure for new energies including green methanol, sustainable aviation fuel, and potentially ammonia and LOHC.

Liquid and gas storage and infrastructure solutions provider Vopak signed an agreement with the Vice Mayor of Tianjin delegation to support the repurposing of Vopak Tianjin’s infrastructure.

“Tianjin Port Group will work closely with Vopak to develop a green methanol bunkering service solution,” Vopak said in a social media post.

“Tianjin, the economic hub of Bohai Bay, is the largest port in Northern China. As the number of new energies projects in the area continues to grow, Tianjin is becoming an increasingly important logistics hub for their development.”

In June 2022, Vopak announced it was allocating €1 billion in growth capital towards new energies and sustainable feedstocks by 2030.

“Our focus is on infrastructure solutions for low-carbon and renewable hydrogen, ammonia, CO2, long duration energy storage and sustainable feedstocks,” the firm added.

“This strategy helps shape the future of Vopak, but also positively contributes to the transition within key industrial clusters and the shaping of energy hubs of the future.”


source: https://bulk-distributor.com/

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