V.Group enters strategic partnership with Erasmus

V.Group, a global leader in ship management and marine services, has announced a strategic partnership with Erasmus Shipinvest Group, an international shipping group, to manage ESI’s commercial vessels. This partnership encompasses crewing and marine services, enhancing the operational capabilities of both organisations.

Expanding Fleet Management

Under this agreement, V. will manage a substantial number of ESI’s diverse fleet. The partnership commenced with the first container vessel entering V.’s management earlier this week, followed by an LPG carrier set to join later this month. Throughout 2024 and beyond, additional ESI vessels will be integrated into V.’s management as ESI continues its global fleet expansion.

Comprehensive Service Provision

V.’s extensive service offerings were a key factor in forming this partnership. ESI will benefit from V.’s comprehensive suite of services, including Oceanic’s vessel catering, GMT’s crew travel services, membership in V.’s supply chain solution Marcas, and access to ShipSure, V.’s proprietary digital ship management platform. These services will be provided from the most appropriate V. global locations, tailored to meet ESI’s needs.

Leadership Comments

René Kofod-Olsen, CEO of V., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “This collaboration with Erasmus underscores the value of our global platform, the strength of our end-to-end shipping services, and our expertise in managing complex vessels, including LPG tankers. Erasmus is a highly respected name in the shipping industry, and we are delighted to partner with them as they expand and diversify their fleet.”

John Su, chairman and CEO of Erasmus Shipinvest Group, shared his confidence in V.: “We sought a top-class ship management partner with a global presence, and V.’s esteemed reputation as a leading services provider aligns perfectly with our ambition and standards. V.’s extensive services beyond ship management enable us to ensure our fleet delivers safe and reliable services to our trading customers.”

Strategic Benefits

The partnership allows ESI to leverage V.’s vast resources and expertise, ensuring efficient and reliable operations across their expanding fleet. By utilising V.’s integrated service offerings, ESI aims to enhance the overall performance and safety of their vessels, providing exceptional service to their customers.

Future Outlook

This strategic partnership marks a significant step for both V. and ESI, fostering growth and operational excellence in the shipping industry. As ESI continues to diversify its fleet, V.’s robust management services will play a crucial role in supporting their expansion and maintaining high standards of service.

This collaboration highlights the mutual commitment of V.Group and Erasmus Shipinvest Group to advancing maritime operations and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

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source: https://tanknewsinternational.com/v-enters-strategic-partnership-with-erasmus/

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