Spray coatings for tanks in Antwerp

The cotac Group, as a service network of the HOYER Group, supports the global logistics provider’s integrated services for cleaning, workshops and depots.

cotac’s extensive portfolio at the Antwerp site has now been expanded into the coatings area – including for new customers.

cotac has long years of experience in repairing tanks and technical components by using spray-on and rubberizing coatings.

Now, complete tank containers are being upgraded to special tanks by applying APC tank linings. Thus, with the cotac site in Antwerp, two specialists in Europe offer this service.

At the cotac workshop in Antwerp, a standard stainless-steel container is transformed into a tank container with a special coating for highly-corrosive products.

Harry Pepels, cotac’s director, said: “Only a few service providers offer repair facilities for these special tanks. We have already been carrying out repairs of spray-on and rubber coatings for six years.

“ We can now offer APC tank coatings as a full-service provider. This is something special, and is in demand worldwide. We are delighted that we can expand our service offer for the HOYER Group, and are also able to offer it to new customers at the Antwerp site.”


source: https://bulk-distributor.com/2024/06/spray-coatings-for-tanks-in-antwerp/

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