Port of Tallinn starts search for development partners in Muuga Harbour

The Port of Tallinn has launched a quest for new collaboration partners to spearhead the development of free areas in the eastern segment of Muuga Harbour, offering a substantial 7.6 hectares of land for potential development.

The port is keen on fostering the establishment of a multifaceted loading, handling, and storage complex catering to eco-friendly fuels and/or other production and logistics complex in the territory located in the eastern part of Muuga Harbour. 

The area earmarked for development, situated outside the free zone, includes the option to utilize Muuga Harbour berth no. 33, boasting a length of 198 meters and a depth of -10.8 meters. The existing site covers an area of 76,274 square meters, with the possibility of expanding it by a maximum of 67,978 square meters towards the sea.

“The Detailed Spatial Plan establishes a building right for the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the plot Pos 1. If, for some reason, it is not possible or it is not necessary to build an LNG terminal, the plot planned for this purpose can be used as port land – as production land by building warehouses, production facilities, etc. on the plot. The area to be developed is designated with 4 positions,” the port said.

Interested parties are invited by the Port of Tallinn to submit their development proposals by May 31, 2024, detailing their vision for area usage, anticipated cargo volumes, investment scale, project timeline, and project owners or investors.

In 2023, the Port of Tallinn experienced significant fluctuations in passenger and cargo traffic, with a noteworthy increase in passenger numbers despite a challenging economic landscape. The harbours welcomed a total of 8 million passengers and handled 13 million tons of cargo during the year.

Passenger figures witnessed a 13% increase, representing an additional 800 thousand travelers. In contrast, cargo volumes faced a notable decline of 29%, amounting to 5 million tons less than the previous year. This decline was attributed to the impact of sanctions on goods from Russia and Belarus, coupled with a broader economic downturn.

The number of ship visits remained relatively stable, experiencing a modest 1.5% decrease to 7,026 visits.


Source: https://www.worldcargonews.com/news/2024/03/port-of-tallinn-starts-search-for-development-partners-in-muuga-harbour/

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