Leschaco group to rebrand Colombian subsidiaries following acquisition

Leschaco has announced its strategic decision to rename four of the five Colombian subsidiaries acquired as part of the takeover of Coltrans as of July 1.

Coltrans will in future operate under Leschaco Colombia, Coldepositos Logistica under Leschaco Logistica, Coldepositos Bodega Nacional under Leschaco Bodega Nacional and Colotm under Leschaco OTM. The renaming of Colmas is planned for 2025.

The move comes as part of Leschaco’s strategy to integrate and optimize its global operations, enhancing synergies and reinforcing its presence in key markets.

The acquisition of Coltrans on December 28, 2022, marked a significant milestone for the Leschaco Group, further solidifying its foothold in Colombia, one of the largest emerging markets in Latin America. With a longstanding partnership spanning over 30 years, Coltrans had been an integral part of Leschaco’s agent network.

By integrating the Colombian subsidiaries into the Leschaco Group and bringing their names in line with the company’s global identity, the organisation aims to leverage its brand strength and reputation to increase market presence and customer awareness.
This strategic move underscores Leschaco’s commitment to providing seamless, integrated logistics service solutions across its expanded network.

“We are excited to announce that the smooth integration of our Colombian subsidiaries as part of the Leschaco Group is now also obvious in the rebranding. This decision reflects our ongoing efforts to optimise our operations and better serve our customers in Colombia and beyond,” said Constantin Conrad, CEO of the Leschaco Group.

“By integrating these entities under a unified brand identity, we are strengthening our presence in one of the most dynamic markets in Latin America and reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers.”

Grupo Empresarial Coltrans, which will in future operate under the umbrella of the Leschaco Group, has established itself as a leading player in Colombia’s logistics landscape since its inception in 1988.



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