Green Marine and Vopak team up on methanol supply

Green Marine Fuels Trading has teamed with Royal Vopak Terminals for green methanol supply in the ports of Shanghai Caojing and Tianjin Lingang, China.

The agreement is the next phase of methanol supply chain infrastructure expansion for the company.

Gavin McGrath, director at Green Marine, stated: “This is an important milestone in the evolution of Green Marine and further underscores our preparedness to supply green methanol to the imminent green transition within the shipping industry.”

McGrath claimed that the company is “uniquely positioned” to bridge the gap between methanol producers and buyers. Green Marine will also undertake a similar cooperation plan with Vopak Singapore.

The Green Marine Group is involved in the entire methanol marine fuel value chain, from design to construction supervision, technical management and operations, to methanol dual fuel crew training, direct investment in methanol-related assets, as well as procurement and bunkering services.



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