Global tank fleet grows nearly 6%

This year’s survey estimates that, at 1 January, the global tank container fleet had reached 848,400 units worldwide, compared to 801,800 on 1 January 2023, a year-on-year growth of 5.81%.

Reflecting continued strong demand for new equipment, approximately 56,600 new tank containers were built, compared to 67,865 new units in the previous year – and 53,285 in 2022. However, with an increase in the number of tanks being scrapped, or sold out of the industry, the overall growth in the global fleet is 46,600 units.

The top 10 tank container operators account for over 297,000 tanks, representing over 50% of the global tank container operators’ fleet. The top 10 leasing companies account for 317,740 tanks, representing about 85% of the total leasing fleet.

Paul Gooch ITCO president, commented: “Our 2023 Report noted the ramping up of production to meet short-term demand was likely to result in an over-supply of tanks, and an adjustment in production rates in 2023. The latest report appears to bear out that prediction, at least in part, although the adjustment may not have been as severe as expected. However, as was already evident in early 2023, chemical companies were returning tanks as supply chain bottlenecks eased and the need to hold ‘just-in-case’ inventories declined. Operators were also adjusting their fleet levels and taking tanks off-lease.”

The complete Survey can be downloaded from the ITCO website


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