Fluxys and Advario advance low-carbon ammonia terminal plans

Advario, a leading provider of tank storage and infrastructure solutions, and Fluxys, an independent energy infrastructure group, are progressing towards the next phase of their joint low-carbon ammonia terminal project in the Port of Antwerp(-Bruges), Belgium.

This includes initiating commercial proceedings to invite market players to reserve capacities in the terminal during the open season and advancing to FEED studies, a critical phase laying the groundwork for the terminal’s development.

The planned low-carbon ammonia import terminal, slated to be constructed at the site of the Advario Gas Terminal (AGT) site in Antwerp, represents a significant step in meeting the growing demand for sustainable energy sources in Belgium and beyond.

This terminal aligns perfectly with Europe’s hydrogen strategy and the REPowerEU plan, which aims for 20 million tonnes of green hydrogen consumption by 2030, with ammonia imports covering one fifth of this target.

Jan Jambon, Minister-President of Flanders, commented: “The joint initiative of Advario and Fluxys, developing an innovative import terminal for low-carbon-ammonia infrastructure, fits perfectly with our ambition and supports our objective to be a key hub for importing and exporting essential molecules for a carbon-neutral economy. This initiative aims to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy sources, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future for Flanders and beyond.”


Source: https://bulk-distributor.com/

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