Deutsche ReGas and Höegh LNG announce world’s first floating green hydrogen import terminal in Lubmin

Deutsche ReGas, in cooperation with Höegh LNG, proudly announces the establishment of the “H2 Import Terminal Lubmin,” the world’s first floating import terminal for converting green ammonia to green hydrogen. Starting in early 2026, the terminal will facilitate the import of up to 30,000 tonnes of hydrogen annually, integrating it into Germany’s core hydrogen network.

The agreement with Höegh LNG marks a significant milestone in Germany’s energy transition strategy and the development of Deutsche ReGas. The H2 Import Terminal Lubmin is a crucial element in the decarbonisation efforts of industrial regions in eastern and southern Germany. Additionally, it reinforces Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s status as a leader in green energy.

Deutsche ReGas is excited about this new phase in its collaboration with Höegh LNG, anticipating substantial contributions to Germany’s sustainable energy future.

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