CEVA ranked #2 in Top 100 Logistics Providers in the Netherlands

CEVA Logistics has once again secured the second spot in Logistiek.nl‘s prestigious Top 100 Logistics Providers list in the Netherlands, maintaining its position from the previous year. This recognition underscores CEVA’s unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability within the logistics industry. After undergoing a comprehensive evaluation by a panel of industry experts, CEVA received a perfect five-star rating in three key categories: Smart Warehousing, Sustainable Warehousing, and Supply Chain Management.

CEVA’s consistent placement among the top three companies on the list since 2022 reflects the company’s relentless commitment to fostering growth and driving innovation to better cater to the needs of its customers. This achievement highlights CEVA’s steadfast determination to stay at the forefront of the logistics sector, continuously adapting to meet evolving market demands and providing exceptional services to its clients.

For more information visit www.cevalogistics.com/en

source: https://tanknewsinternational.com/ceva-ranked-2-in-top-100-logistics-providers-in-the-netherlands/

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